Upon graduating from Sheridan College of the Arts as a classically trained animator in 1993, Bob King chose a career in video games. After completing the requirements for a BFA degree from West Virginia University, where he majored in painting, he moved from his hometown near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to San Francisco and started work in the field of Children's Educational Software as an art team member at Brøderbund Software.

Under the close supervision of industry leaders on the world-renowned title, Where in the World is Carmen SanDiego?, Bob learned the art of game development while creating a system of digitizing pencil and paper animation and putting it into software titles   He was introduced to the process and concepts of team management and gameplay design, as well as production and studio procedures. These universally accepted industry standards paved the way for Bob to use his continually expanding training in art and animation. 


Shipped titles that Bob worked on during his tenure at Brødebund Software.

It was during Bob's time at Brøderbund that he spent his spare time creating a 16mm stop-motion puppet film called Slick's Magnum .44 which toured internationally with Spike and Mike's Festival of Animation.



Bob joined Will Wright's Maxis (EA) Studio in 1998, where he began to learn the tools and practices of creating 3D artwork and animation while helping the studio to create The Sims.  Bob would spend the next 6 years working with The Sims teams as an artist, animator and by 2000, an Art Director.  During this period of time, he worked on The Sims and its 7 expansion packs, The Sims Online and The Sims 2, as well as The Sims and its derivative product The Urbz on console and handheld devices.  During his time on The Sims, Bob also helped production on Maxis' other titles, including the Sim City franchise.

Sims-related titles that Bob worked on during his tenure at Maxis (EA) Software.

After his time with The Sims, Bob moved on to Will Wright's next project:  Spore.  As the Animation Director, Bob was given the task of making sure that the player would be able to build any type of creature that they wanted, with the assurance that the character would animate properly and, no matter what its physiology was, it would not appear to be 'broken'.  Bob's work is best displayed by the game's Creature Creator which was a ground-breaking technical achievement that helped the studio win the Jim Henson Honor Award for Technical Innovation.


Spore titles that Bob worked on during his tenure at Maxis (EA) .

spore_titles copy.png

Following 10 years of excellent work at Maxis/Electronic Arts, Bob shifted his focus to being a creative force and Studio Art Director/Executive Staff Member at smaller, start-up companies around the San Francisco Bay Area.  His passion for creating games is as fiery as ever, only the focus has now shifted to the mobile platform space.  Leading the visual development for projects involving Lucasfilm, The Pokemon Company International, Wizards of the Coast, Mattel and Hasbro have enabled Bob to combine his passion for making games and toys that entertain and educate with the opportunity to work with some of the world's top intellectual properties and franchises.

Titles that Bob worked on during his tenure on the Indie circuit..

Over the span of his career, Bob developed experience in the production of games, films, new IP development, studio leadership and technical patent writing.   A broad background in games creation and animation development soon led to various job positions in creative management. Bob currently is an entrepreneur focused on bring new ideas to market and is passionate about his personal work in both Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality.

Based in Benicia, California, Bob continues to push for fun, console-agnostic play experiences. Whether the format is
2D or 3D, he strives to maintain the original integrity, quality and high standards of this unique art form. To keep the magic in games development,
Bob continues to pass on years of training from great games developers onto the next generation.


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Electronic Arts, Maxis, Brøderbund Software, Zynga, Mind Control Software, Electrified Games, TapZen, The Pokemon Company International, Inc., Hasbro, Goldieblox, Wizards of the Coast, Mattel, Lucasfilm, The Sims, The Sims 2, The Sims Online, Where in the World is Carmen SanDiego?, The Logical Journey of the Zoombinis, Spore, The Urbz, Dr Seuss, Sim City