Bob King

Art Direction - Creative Direction - Animation Direction - Unity Prototyping

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Freelance Creative Director, Art Director and Prototype Builder

2016 -2017

Creating gameplay experiences for PC, mobile, AR and VR.  Clients have included: No You Shut Up Games,  Goldieblox, Gallium Labs and Cardcore Games.  Recently shipped titles have included: Atomic Space Command on Steam and Goldieblox and the Rocket Cupcake Company on mobile. 

Currently working on multiple unannounced VR and AR projects.


Creative Director,  Zynga, Inc.  


Unannounced internal IP

Creating the visual design and aesthetic vision fora Virtual Reality IP. 

Responsibilities include: all artwork for gameplay and internal communication documentation, design presentations and concept development.  Oversee and build the Art team and produce models, textures, animation, UI and visual effects work.  Develop and maintain an outsourcing path for creating artwork.


Art Director,  Superlabs                                                  


Unannounced internal IP

Prototyped gameplay for a new, Virtual Reality IP.  Responsibilities include: artwork and design for gameplay and concept development.  Oversee and build the Art team and produce models, textures, animation, UI and visual effects work.  Develop and maintain an outsourcing path for creating artwork.  Company purchased by Zynga.



CEO and Founder,  Cardcore Games, LLC   


Creative force behind a small company set up to be a think tank which focuses on the development of mobile games and digital toys.  Current projects include explorations in Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and Digital Trading Card Games.

TapZen   Art Director

2013 – 2014

Unannounced internal IP

Created the visual design and aesthetic for a new internal IP.  Responsibilities include all gameplay and marketing/licensing artwork creation.  Oversee and produce models, textures, animation, UI and visual effects work.    


Creative Director,  Electrified Games


Unannounced internal IP

Created new IP by leading/owning the design of new worlds, characters and storylines. Created product development plan and gameplay design strategy.


Studio Art Director,  Electrified Games

2010 - 2012       

Various Unannounced work-for-hire projects. 

Clients include: Disney, LucasArts, EA, Paramount, A&E, Mattel, NGMOCO and others, Kaijudo Trading Card Game, Wizards of the Coast Mobile Project,  Pokémon Trading Card Game, The Pokémon Company International

Created new IP by designing characters, story and product development plan.  Directed and Managed Art team in the creation and development of all in game artistic content.  Managed and directed all artistic outsourcing endeavors.  Provided oversight for all artistic content for all studio productions.  Created all studio corporate identities, logos and iconography.


Animation Director,  Electronic Arts/Maxis Software

2005 - 2009

SPORE: Galactic Adventures Assisted in the creation of the Spore Level-Building tool.  Built 3 finalized levels for the retail product. Provided Animation Direction, Animation team management and Art Direction consultation.

SPORE: Creepy and Cute Oversaw animation aesthetics and production for the first Spore booster pack.

SPORE Charged with synching design and aesthetics across the game and creating conceptual/inspirational imagery. Worked closely with Chief Creative Officer, Lead Designer and EP to help team realize the aesthetic potentials and animation possibilities of the game and to bring a fun, humorous and retro sci-fi look to the project.


Electronic Arts/Maxis Software Art Director

2003 - 2005

The Sims Next Generation Promoted to this high-profile position based on prior success in setting direction and style for The Sims franchise.  Challenged to transition this critical franchise to the next generation of PC and console gaming (including Xbox 360 PlayStation 3, Wii).  Charged with recruiting initial Sims Next Generation art team.  Created initial concept for Sims in the City, giving an urban feel to a traditionally suburban game. The concept formed the basis for The Urbz: Sims in the City. Built art team and developed visuals to support emerging ideas for Sims Next Generation Successfully assumed production responsibilities after abrupt departure of game’s Producer, while also maintaining accountability for creative direction.

The Sims: Makin’ Magic Brought in to mend relationships and re-energize a troubled art team on this expansion pack project. Challenged to create concepts, 200+ new objects, multiple new environments and 50+ new characters within 3 months. Revitalized the art team; assessed abilities, replaced under-performers, and created positive working environment for everyone else. Built strong relationships with outside contractors.  Shipped high-quality product within the established 9-month time frame – to date the game has sold more than 1.2 million units. Directed and managed both in-house and outsourcing art teams

The Sims Online Oversaw the visual transition of the franchise from PC stand-alone to PC online.  Accountable for improving on the original “look and feel” while minimizing file sizes for the Web.  Built and managed art team, created specification documents for external contractors in Russia and the US, and liaised with engineers, designers and producers. Created all promotional artwork such as website graphics, magazine covers, and posters.  Designed and created the cover for Newsweek magazine’s November 25th 2002 issue.  

Developed pitch art, which helped to secure sponsorship deals with McDonald's and Intel worth $1.75 million.  Assumed sole accountability for all art assets after art team was reassigned to other projects 6 months before the release of the game.  Initiated the switch from 3D Studio Max to Maya after recognizing this emerging industry trend.  Directed and managed both in-house and international outsourcing art teams


Computer Graphic Artist,  Electronic Arts/Maxis Software

1998 - 2000

Initially hired as a Level 3 artist to work on the Sim Mars project, and promoted to level 4 within 12 months. Embarked upon self-development program, transitioning from 2D to 3D within 2 months and quickly becoming a top performer on the team in terms of quality and productivity.Played key role in the creation and shipping of the original Sims product.   Won 13 prestigious “star performer” awards for performance excellence.


Broderbund Software, Inc. Computer Graphic Artist

1993 – 1998

Charged with getting “pencil and paper” animations into games. Worked closely with Art Director to establish and maintain the company’s animation style. Subsequently promoted to Lead Artist.  Assisted in developing the company’s first animation system which converted pencil drawings into digital images using digital cameras, scanners, various ink and paint programs, and Macromedia Director.  Played key role in the development of art assets for the Carmen San Diego and Dr. Seuss titles, generating multiple theme ideas and character designs. 



West Virginia University

1989 – 1992

BFA Painting major (cum laude)   


Sheridan College Classical Animation Certification

1991 – 1993

Classical Animation Certification, Sheridan College of the Arts, Oakville, Ontario (1992)